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Cannabis in Jugendkulturen als Buch von Bernd W...
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Cannabis in Jugendkulturen:Kulturhistorische und empirische Betrachtungen zum Symbolcharakter eines Rauschmittels Bernd Werse

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Friendly Business - International Views on Soci...
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Based on social research conducted in different countries in Europe, the U.S. and Australia, this anthology is the first to provide detailed insights into small-scale drug distribution. A main focus is the phenomenon of social supply, i.e. buying illicit drugs from friends, which covers a substantial part of the retail market. For cannabis users, cultivating their own plants is another important source. This volume deals with different social aspects of these non-profit-oriented forms of drug distribution, as well as profit-oriented small-scale dealing. While the illicit drug trade is commonly referred to as a world dominated by ruthless criminals, this book draws a different picture. Dr. phil. Bernd Werse works for different social research projects on the use of recreational drugs at the Centre for Drug Research, Goethe University, Frankfurt. Dr. phil. Christiane Bernard works at the Coordination Office Women and Addiction of North Rhine-Westphalia. She has extensive experience as a researcher in social drug research.

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