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The Quiet Blossom: A Story About the Modern Wil...
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This is a nonfiction story about the subculture that formed around the marijuana industry in Northern California. It documents a unique time and place in American history that is today impacting society on a global scale. It is a personal narrative that tells the story of one young man´s experiences over nearly a decade in the rapidly changing cannabis industry; embedded within the story lies an exploration of a budding young culture with new values and new ideas. Through unusual events and unusual characters, the story paints a picture of the lifestyle and the conflicts generated from the black market industry. This is an important document about the influence that the events in Northern California and Southern Oregon are having on American society, politics, and future generations, and indeed the rest of the world. It is a lighthearted narrative, built with amusing anecdotes of a life around marijuana, but its intention and motive are quite serious. The story is acknowledging a movement. There is far more happening in the remote valleys of the California wilderness than just a few renegades hoping for easy money. Away from the eyes of the parent society, hundreds of thousands of disenchanted youth have gathered to protest through practice and to generate the foundation for an alternative existence.As the debate over the legality of marijuana continues to inspire passion around the country, this audiobook takes a deeper look at what it means and seeks another perspective on what the cannabis industry has already done. And it asks the question: What is gained? What is lost? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Michael A T Clark. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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