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Cannabis Spiritualität:Die andere Dimension des Kiffens Stephen Gaskin

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Voluntary Peasants, Inside the Ultimate America...
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Storytelling from the man who lived the adventure. The whirlwind odyssey towards enlightenment begins. The ´60s come alive in this entertaining non-fiction light-hearted, multi-level history/memoir. ´´Imagine all the people living life in peace.´´ True adventures of a young UPI reporter who followed the ´60s over the edge and returned to tell his story. Hop aboard an audacious 100-bus, round-the-country, flower power caravan with pot-smoking San Francisco guru Stephen Gaskin and his tribe of 300 hippies ´´out to save the world.” Our story includes a close look at Gaskin and his whole guru trip. In the ´70s, The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee, was America’s biggest, most thriving commune. At its peak, 1,500 spiritual hippies lived and worked collectively - all dedicated to creating a gracious lifestyle the world can afford - a microcosm of peace, a brother and sisterhood. For 12 years, hard-working, idealistic, mostly young people shared life, labor, and a vision; built a village, grew food, celebrated life, enjoyed zero unemployment, and manifested a mostly happy, peaceful vegan utopia with its own doctors, clinic, midwives, teachers, book publishing company, soy dairy, bakery, and solar-heated school on 1,764 acres. The collective’s global outreach nongovernmental organization Plenty International was awarded the Swedish ´´alternative Nobel prize,” the Right Livelihood Award for its work. A volunteer earthquake reconstruction carpenter, Melvyn Stiriss, and a Plenty crew built a clinic for Mother Teresa in Guatemala and worked with Mayans to build houses and schools in remote mountain villages. A ´´cannabis church,” The Farm attempted to legalize marijuana for religious use. Stiriss was a co-founder of The Farm and lived 12 years in the community working as a farmer, carpenter, mason, miller, baker, chef, gatekeeper and news editor. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Melvyn Stiriss. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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